Sliding Driveway Gates custom-made to individual requirements

Magnador’s steel sliding driveway gates are hot dip galvanised as per the highest of quality standards and are custom-made to your individual requirements, providing you with the sliding gates of your choice. They are then powder coated with a Polyester powder coating, giving the product a scratch and fade resistant finish. Various designs and colours are available to choose from. These steel security gates are engineered to last!

Sliding gates are manufactured to fit the opening required. The size of the sliding section determines the size of the frame required.

A 38mm x 38mm frame is usually suitable for gates narrower than 4000mm, and a 50mm x 50mm frame for gates wider than 4000mm.

We offer a range of styles of driveway gates depending on each client’s taste.

We use 19mm x 19mm in-fills with a centre horizontal bar to prevent the bars from being easily bent or split.

Depending on the practicality, we offer extra bars in the bottom half of the gates (doggy bars) to prevent smaller animals from coming in or out. Spears can also be welded onto the top or middle frame to make it more uncomfortable to unwanted intruders and difficult to mount the gate and Panels.

All sliding gates require a post for support (typically 76mm x 76mm or 100mm x 100mm square tube dimensions suffice). The post is sunk in concrete to a depth of approximately 500mm below the surface.

Sliding gates are fitted with stopper brackets, top guide rollers, wheels and bottom tracks to keep the gate aligned, and to ensure that the gate remains on the track.

An automated motor, operated by remote control, can be supplied and fitted for your convenience.

Note that this product is currently only available to our clients located in the Western Cape.



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    Why perimeter gates are a security investment worth considering:

    Perimeter security solutions such as sliding gates, hinged gates and automated gates are your property’s first line of defence against unwanted intrusion, which is why you should consider enclosing your domestic, commercial or industrial property. When installing security gates, you are protecting your property and your family by minimising the chances of unlawful intrusion. Furthermore, you are also enhancing your sense of privacy and at the same time adding additional measures to keep your children and pets safe when enjoying your outdoor area.

    We offer all the solutions you require for perimeter security at Magnador and can assist with the installation of your gates or fencing, as well as the automation thereof should it be requested. Other associated security measures like keypads, intercom systems and sensor beams can also be fitted on request.

    If the wrong fence is selected, and the installation is not done properly, you are already compromising your own safety. This is why our team at Magnador offers to assist with the process – we can offer helpful advice to ensure that you choose the correct product for your needs, and furthermore we will also take care of the manufacture and installation of your gates or panels to ensure a correct, stable and lasting fit.

    Another benefit of choosing a reputable and reliable security company, like Magnador, to take care of your gate and fencing requirements is that it will add immense value to your property. By securing your home, you are boosting its value, but you want to be sure that you are relying on the right service providers so that your home’s re-sale value is affected positively.

    If you are interested in improving security around your property, be it your home or office, you are welcome to contact our team to discuss your requirements. We will gladly advise you on which perimeter security solution best meets your requirements.