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The Magnador brand is synonymous with the reliable supply and fitment of security doors and slam lock security gates across South Africa.

The dilemma that most customers face is where does one place one’s business in South Africa for security doors for your property and personal safety? The security companies all seem to offer the same thing, or do they? This is a dilemma that every potential customer faces when looking for quotations. How do you know where to place your business, all security and burglar-proofing companies seem to say and offer the same thing. Or do they?

Magnador knows that the discerning customer soon discovers that this company stands second to none in terms of quality, strength, service and value for money. We have been servicing the Western Cape for more than twenty-five years and our guarantees are good for what they say they are, we pride ourselves on our exclusive range of slam lock security gates.

Products of Magnador

Magnador’s Proud Heritage

Magnador started in 1992 as a franchise in Cape Town and commenced manufacturing in 1995 offering employment opportunities to the local market. The company, today, has a large complement of staff, its own premises with infrastructure to make it wholly independent for most of its requirements and has become the provider of the most recognized security doors in South Africa.

In the early years Magnador specialized in Trellis type doors and fixtures. Whereas today, it has a range of Trellis doors, gates, burglar bars, cottage pane bars, slam lock security gates and welding works to customize orders or needs of customers.

After more than 30 years in the security industry, we have a number of reasons to be proud:

  • Did you know that Magnador has never been reported to the Consumer Council?
  • Did you know that Magnador has never appeared in the press for any adverse publicity?
  • Did you know that Magnador has never been reported under terms of the Consumer Protection Act and found wanting?
  • Did you know that Magnador has never been taken to court over any dispute with a customer?
  • Did you know that we have a permanent exhibition centre, besides our factory in Elsiesriver, at the Building Centre Exhibition, Northgate Estate, Platinum Drive, Ysterplaat, off the Koeberg Interchange?
  • Did you know that you do not have to make an appointment to visit us at our factory to satisfy yourself about any concerns on the manufacturing?  Try us out, give us a call.  We aim not to disappoint.
  • Did you know that Magnador Staff on average have no less than 8 years of service, 50% of which exceed 12 years of service?  This experience is packaged into every burglar-proofing product that we manufacture.
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