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Magnador is an industry leader in security barriers, specializing in retractable security gates and burglar proofing. We have been in existence for more than 30 years, delivering top home security systems to our customers. We have a proud heritage serving the security needs of our customers with an excellent reputation for delivering solutions for affordable home security costs, supported by a product portfolio engineered to last. We manufacture to international standards an extensive range of security barriers.


Our Product Range

We offer an extensive range of security gates and doors, each designed to meet the high safety demands and concerns of our clients across South Africa. Our Gates can be fitted into any door-opening and offers peace of mind.

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Magnador’s swing gates are custom manufactured with a set of eight standard designs to choose from, or purpose-built to customer specifications.

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With Magnador Security Shutters, homeowners no longer have to compromise on style to add security measures to their property. These durable and stylish shutters can withstand various weather elements and can also be installed in damp environments such as bathrooms.
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We at Magnador are proud to distribute Magnador Aluminium Roller Shutters to our valued clients across the Western Cape initially, as it is such a versatile, tough, and stylish security product.

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If you wish to install security measures at your home without hampering your view of the outside world, Magnaview Clear Bars offer the perfect solution! These burglar bars are fully transparent, yet offers satisfactory protection from intrusion.

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The Magnador team is the national experts when it comes to burglar bars. We offer a wide variety of styles to suit our clients’ needs, as well as their personal taste.Options include Cottage Pane Bars, Spanish bars, Grille bars, and more.

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With the soaring crime rates in South Africa, you must do all you can to protect yourself and your property. We offer high quality palisade fencing options that will prohibit unlawful entry onto your property. Our fencing panels are galvanised.

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This fencing design makes the fence difficult to climb and delivers a clear view of your surroundings. It’s an ideal South African solution when aesthetics and security are needed.

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To avoid intruders from entering your property, we offer a range of driveway gates and panels that will allow you to feel safe in your home. Whether you are looking for hinged gates, sliding gates, or automated gates, we are the experts.

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Whether you’re worried about theft, break-ins, or simply seeking peace of mind for your space, The Gladiator is the ultimate solution.

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    12, 21ST Street (Off Epping Ave)
    Elsiesriver Industrials, Cape Town

    Tel: +27 21 931 0150

    94 Carter Street (off Forest Street)
    Forest Hill, Gauteng

    Tel: +27 11 434 2625

    44 Marcellin Drive, Nirvana Hills, Pinetown

    Tel: +27 31 708 4594


    Why choose Magnador for your security gates and bars?

    We are the only security barrier manufacturer in South Africa to manufacture and patent stainless steel locks for our retractable security gates and doors, offering additional strength and extended product life. We are also the only company to use tempered rolled hardened cross bracing in our folding security gates. Because of this innovation, our braces are more than double the strength of ordinary steel.

    All Magnador folding tracks and channels have Dutch bends, giving the channel a 180-degree fold for greater strength, improved paint adhesion and resistance to corrosion. In severe rust conditions our products are coated with an additional zinc primer and a pure polyester powder coating to further reduce the effects of rust. These powders provide good impact strength, excellent durability, flexibility, good adhesion, weather resistance and corrosion protection. These added features ensure superior product appearance and feel.

    • A trusted brand for over 30 years
    • Excellent market reputation for customer service and great products
    • Dedicated employees with long service and expertise
    • Holds several patents – continuous improvement
    • Wide range of product offerings
    • Trustworthy warranties
    • Free repair plan T & C’s apply
    • A trusted brand for over 30 years
    • Excellent market reputation for customer service and great products
    • Dedicated employees with long service and expertise
    • Holds several patents – continuous improvement
    • Wide range of product offerings
    • Trustworthy warranties
    • Free repair plan T & C’s apply
    We believe that the outstanding quality and extensive range of our products truly sets us apart from our competitors. Our range of products includes:

    • Expandable security gates – this includes our Magnador Champion, Magnador Standard, Alphador and Valuedor ranges that cater to any budget.
    • Burglar bars – we manufacture standard as well as custom ranges of burglar bars, offering our customers design flexibility and choice.
    • Trellis swing gates – offering practicality without compromising strength and durability, this is a fold away security solution with a top track for the door to slide in.
    • Cottage bars – elegant burglar proofing for cottage style windows ensures security without loss of the cottage look and feel.
    • Sliding security gates – our patio security gates are produced at various levels of security to cater for severe high-risk areas to low-risk areas.
    • Home security gates – we manufacture custom designed iron security gates to enhance the appearance of your home or business. Several decorative scrolls, castings or forged iron patterns are available to ensure a unique design. We also offer standard swing gate designs to choose from.

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    Our Fitment Promise

    Magnador attempts to attain the highest standards in all areas of its operations and is dedicated to providing its customers the best possible product, service and integrity, thereby ensuring high quality products that provide the best in security.

    6 Reasons Why Our Gates Are Engineered To Last

    Leaders in burglar proofing for more than 30 years with a 5 year free repair guarantee.

    T’s & C’s Apply

    Metal Zinc cast
    guide & steel
    track – no nylon
    steel slam lock
    for extra strength
    all steel
    Galvanized tubes
    with steel roller
    No Plastic
    2.5 x stronger
    than ordinary steel.

    Magnador can be fitted into all doors, patios, windows, counters, shop fronts, canteens, bar serving areas, offices, arch openings, and more. On average your Magnador fitting will occupy no more than 20% of the width of the specific opening. If this is still a hindrance, a face on fitting can be made to allow the Magnador to slide beside the wall, leaving the opening 100% free. For extra convenience, the bottom track consists of a non-trip design. 99% of the bottom tracks are easily fitted to the floor surface. If preferred, the track can be fitted into a recess prepared by us, or others, to provide a level plane at an additional fee.

    Magnador is securely attached to the site by using UL 8 plugs and galvanised coach bolts. No fixing points are easily visible or accessible, which renders the removal, or tampering of these items very difficult. Magnador can provide an electric lock mechanism for easy access control at an additional fee.

    Finding Magnador

    Our head office is situated in the Western Cape and we offer security solutions across South Africa for commercial, industrial and domestic needs. Magnador branches are located in all major cities across South Africa, including Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Outside of these cities, distributors of our products are located across the country.

    Contact Magnador for a free no obligation quotation. We look forward to offering our security solutions to you.

    Quality Assurance Guaranteed