Razor Roll | Revolving Wall Spikes

The Magnador Razor Roll is specifically designed to keep any intruders off your property through revolving wall spikes.

Our main objective at Magnador, is keeping our clients and their properties safe. For this reason, we strive to deliver superior and trusted security products that also reflect our commitment to continuous innovation. The Magnador Razor Roll is a recent addition and a highly innovative security product.

The Magnador Razor Roll is a 4-sided razor-comb, designed to be fitted onto existing walls, Vibracrete walls and fences, to make it very difficult for an intruder to climb over. Since the product consists of revolving wall spikes, designed to rotate when grasped or climbed on, it is near impossible for an individual to grab onto the razor-comb to lift themselves over the perimeter. This ingenious security option is a sure deterrent to restrict easy access over walls. The product is also suited to deter animals, such as baboons and cats, from entering your property.

As with all Magnador security products and installations, clients can expect nothing but quality! The Magnador Razor Roll is hot dip galvanised and coated with pure polyester powder, ensuring rust protection and a reasonable lifespan with a one year warranty.

The Magnador Razor Roll is custom-made, in-house at Magnador, and is available in section lengths of 2-metres. Our capable team handles the product installation and can install the rolls to cover any length required by the client and the 2-meter sections can be connected to one another. Clients can choose between 11 different colours to suit the exterior of their properties.

If you are interested in installing this inventive security product at your property, to ensure that no intruders are able to cross your private perimeters, feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can request a quote online.

Technical Specifications of the Razor Roll:

  • consists of revolving wall spikes, designed to rotate when climbed on or grasped.
  • is an excellent deterrent to avoid easy access over walls.
  • is hot dip galvanised and coated with exterior pure polyester powder.
  • has an outer dimension of 90mm between the razor edgings.
  • comes in lengths of 2 metres, that can be joined for longer sections if required.



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    Additional useful pointers to keep your property safe:

    When securing your home, physical security barriers and products work best. These may include anything from burglar bars, security gates, CCTV’s, alarm systems, unique products like the Magnador Razor Roll, and more. Physical barriers deter intruders, whereas alarms and beams are great for scaring off thieves attempting to break in.

    Besides physical security solutions, here are more useful tips to help you keep yourself, your family and your property safe:

    • Make sure your property is not an easy target. The harder you make it to break into your property, the less likely it is to happen. Other tips include always keeping garage doors etc. locked, keeping bushes and trees trimmed, and making sure that your garden is well-lit. A well-trained guard dog could also scare intruders away from your property.
    • Never ignore the bell or intercom, no matter the time of day or night. It could be possible that intruders are checking to see whether someone is home. If no one answers, intruders are more likely to proceed with a break-in.
    • When going away, do it as subtly as possible. Most criminals do not want to be confronted when breaking into a property and are more likely to enter when they know that you are away. If you are going on holiday, ask someone to clear your post, switch lights on at night, etc.
    • Don’t keep keys in obvious places. One of the latest break-in trends is for criminals to steal your car in addition to household goods. To prevent this, do not leave keys lying around on desks and counters.
    • Become involved in your community by joining the local neighbourhood watch or policing forum, ensuring that you are able to call on help one day when you need it most.
    To talk to us about installing this revolutionary security product on your property’s perimeter walls, please feel free to contact us directly.