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The MAGNADOR range of products are warrantied against defective workmanship and material subject to normal use and maintenance. Warranties range from 10 years to 1 year depending on the type of product fitted. It is essential that your product is regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure the long life and good appearance and to ensure the full validity of the warranty. Click here to see full product guarantee.

Magnador offers prompt service to the highest standard possible. In the event of a forced entry the product does not always have to be replaced at high cost but can be repaired usually within 48 hours of any workday.

Magnador attempts to attain the highest standards in all areas of our operations and is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible product, service and integrity ensuring quality and the best in security.

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Free Repair Plan

With effect from 1 January 2014, all installations following this date are eligible for the once off complimentary repair of fully paid products, supplied and installed by us, if damaged by actual breach (break in) that occurs within 5 years of the initial installation. This repair is at the discretion of and subject to prior evaluation by Magnador and the offer is subject to the purchaser presenting:

  • original acceptance of initial quotation
  • affidavit
  • SAPS case number for report of the breach incident to SAPS within 24 hours of occurrence
  • proof of noticeable display of “Protected by Magnador” warning signs prior to breach

This repair is restricted to actual damage to supplied product only and to damage caused directly by the actual act of breach/attempted breach. Structural and other damage would be repaired at additional charge, if requested. Repair benefits will be forfeited if product was modified by the purchaser.

Please note that the Razor Roll, Magnador Shutter products, any electrical products, driveway gates, The Gladiator door and any type of steel fencing are not covered by the Magnador repair plan.

We recommend that our customers invest in comprehensive (all) risk insurance cover.