Cottage Pane Bars

This unique style of burglar bars is comprised of a simple grid of vertical and horizontal bars, offering strength and value as a home security barrier, without being obtrusive. This simple yet aesthetically pleasing design offers solid protection in the home or office at a very reasonable cost. Cottage pane bars can be fitted into either wooden frames or the surrounding plaster walls.  The Cottage pane bars can be spaced out to the industry standard or it can be customised to suit your needs, to the extent that it still serves its purpose as a security barrier. lt can be difficult to choose burglar bars considering the wide range of choices available in the market, but this burglar bar system offers a neat and secure option at competitive pricing.

Advantages of our Cottage Pane Burglar Bars:

  • No unsightly screws or bolts

No screws or bolts are used; the vertical and horizontal bars are drilled straight into the surrounding reveal for maximum strength. This leaves nothing for the burglar to use to their advantage, and offers a neater, more secure finish compared to the traditional screwed-on or bolted-in burglar bar systems.

  • No welding joints

There is no welding involved with cottage pane burglar bars – one of the main advantages of Cottage Pane Bars!

  • Fits together like a puzzle

All the bars used for cottage pane burglar bars are separate. Once all the holes are drilled in the reveal, the cottage pane burglar bars are fitted like a puzzle. Piece by piece, the bars are assembled onsite. The vertical bars slide through the horizontal bars for maximum strength and neatness. Each end of the vertical and horizontal bars is fitted into the wall. This creates a secure system that makes it extremely difficult for a would-be burglar.

  • Cottage pane burglar bars follow existing windowpanes

Where there are existing window pane frames, the cottage pane burglar bars will be aligned with them. The rest of the bars are spaced out equally to create a neater appearance, or in the case of actual cottage windowpane frames, can be aligned to match the frame lattice. This means that the bar spacing will hardly be noticeable and more pleasing on the eye.

  • Creates a feature of the window (where cottage panes do not exist)

Once the cottage pane burglar bars have been installed, it creates an authentic cottage-type feature in the window and adds to the style of the house. Cottage pane bars suit all homes, offices and factories.

  • No unsightly frames used

Standard cottage pane bars do not require unsightly frames. Being a frameless system, it creates a secure fitting straight into the surrounds.

  • Competitively priced

Cottage pane bars are very well priced compared to other more intrusive burglar bar systems.



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    Advantages of our Cottage Pane Burglar Bars
    Advantages of our Cottage Pane Burglar Bars2

    Technical Specifications of the Cottage Pane Bars

    • Horizontal Bars: (steel square tubes) 25mm x 12mm x 1.6mm gauge.
    • Vertical Bars: square 10mm x 10mm solid steel bars.
    • Corrugated solid steel pins fix horizontal bars to the wall and are solidly fastened using effective epoxy glue.
    • Plastic collar ends add an eye-pleasing finishing touch for most installations.
    • Zinc-electroplate-galvanised for rust protection (hot-dip galvanising, for added protection from rusting, available on request).
    • Exterior Polyester powder coating, available in a variety of colours, used for its superior resistance to fading.