Burglar Gates: Premium Security With The Alphador

Alphador is our single upright retractable door, offers strength and value for money and is suited to medium risk security needs.  Just as with all our other burglar gates and doors, property owners can expect durable quality, Engineered to Last when investing in the Alphador.

We manufacture our Alphador with a larger single upright and with a top and bottom track.  Although a single upright is used, the cross braces are fitted directly onto the facing side of the tubing.  For added strength, a steel sleeve is inserted into the inner tubing, strengthening the fitting of the cross bracing. Alphador is fitted with a stainless steel slam lock, with an auto dead-lock feature.

All Alphadors run on steel top roller bearings for a smooth and easy opening and closing motion and a longer life span. All bottom forks are manufactured from metal zinc-cast for extra strong security.

All Alphadors come with a four-sided steel frame which is not readily accessible. Temper-roll-hardened steel cross-braces with industrial pop rivets that have a high content of magnesium for its strengthening qualities.

Before being Polyester powder coated, each gate goes through a 5-stage chemical wash to ensure the steel surfaces are clean and free of impediments that might otherwise compromise the integrity of the coating, the result being a smooth even finish that doesn’t flake or peel over time and that is resistant to the fading effects of the sun.

Alphadors come standard with a low-profile, non-trip fully galvanized steel bottom track. A stainless steel slamlock with an auto deadlock function is also included. The Alphador comes standard with a 5-year warranty that includes: workmanship, installation, materials, locks, plus a free once-off break-in repair guarantee. Terms and conditions apply.

Alphadors are manufactured to specific high-standards, and all Alphadors are fully custom-made to order. A variety of exterior Polyester powder coating colours are available.

A metal zinc-cast, dove-tailed guide is used in the bottom track to support the double uprights. This allows for a telescopic guiding action when opening and closing the door, eliminating the need for spaces between the doors with added compatibility for unevenness of flooring.



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    Technical Specifications of Alphador burglar gates

    • All-steel construction for superior strength
    • Single 17 mm x 24 mm upright x 1.0 mm gauge steel uprights
    • Fully galvanized Z275 galv. coating (32 microns thick) for rust protection and a longer life expectancy
    • 3 rows of cross-bracing – temper-roll-hardened and zinc-electroplated-galvanised
    • Four-sided steel frame allows for a more precise reveal fitting without any spaces, making leverage more difficult
    • Pre-lubricated sealed steel roller bearings and axles are used (no plastic or nylon)
    • A single metal zinc guide is used at the bottom of every upright for a smooth motion in the captured bottom track
    • Low profile, non-trip, half-moon-shape bottom track that is easy to traverse
    • The top track, bottom track and lock channel are rolled with 180-degree Dutch bend folds for extra strength and improved paint adhesion
    • Lock channels designed to make fixing points concealed
    • Exterior Polyester powder coating is used (not less than 80 microns thick) and is fade-resistant
    • The lock is a patented stainless steel lock with a 45-degree cam cylinder, making it far more difficult to dislodge the cylinder when struck by heavy hammers or other objects

    If you would like additional information about the Alphador, or any of our other and doors, you are welcome to get in touch with our team via phone or email.