Palisade Fencing manufactured in line with quality tested standards

Crime is on the up in South Africa and adequate security measures need to be implemented to avoid becoming a statistic. Securing your home could be the most important first line of defence against intruders gaining entry to your residence. A house with adequate fencing is a deterrent to a criminal due to the added obstruction and time required to break in.

Our palisade fencing, including posts, is hot dip galvanised and custom-made to your individual requirements. They are then powder coated with an exterior Polyester powder coating, giving the product a scratch and fade resistant finish. Various designs and colours are available to choose from.

The question of what qualifies as effective or adequate fencing can be qualified in various ways:

Demarcation – does your fence form an adequate boundary informing those around you where common public ground ends and where your private property begins?

Security – how well does your palisade fence act as a security barrier, protecting one’s home, family and possessions?

Durability – will the fence stand the test of time against corrosion and wear and tear by the elements?

Aesthetics – how pleasing is the fencing on the eye and how well does it fit in with garden, home and surrounds?

A palisade fence needs to be a visual deterrent, the sight of which is enough to discourage would-be intruders, and a strong physical barrier that is highly resistant to man-handling and tampering and thus not easily breached. The longer it takes the burglar to get over or through the fence, the more vulnerable and exposed the assailant is to discovery.

Every house and plot are different and Magnador can provide you with a practical and effective form of perimeter fencing to stop an intruder in his/her tracks.

Ask us about Palisade fencing, Panels, Drive-way Gates or any other form of fencing you may be considering. We manufacture to order based on your individual requirements and needs. (This includes posts, which can be made to size, and sunken in concrete where applicable).

All of our custom-made fencing, panels and gates are hot dip galvanised to a thickness of approximately 80 microns, providing an excellent defence against the onset of rust and undoubtedly extending the life expectancy of your Magnador product by years. A fade and scratch resistant Polyester powder coating ensures that your fencing will continue to look attractive.

We offer our 5-year guarantee on all materials and workmanship.

Note that this product is currently only available to our clients located in the Western Cape.



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    A few factors to consider when choosing palisade fencing for your home:

    More and more property owners are choosing to install palisade fencing rather than building high concrete or brick walls around their homes. This is not only for aesthetic reasons, as palisade fencing still allows you to enjoy the view around your property, but also for safety reasons. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your palisade fencing:

    • With see-through fencing, you are eliminating hiding places for burglars

    If you have a high wall or solid fence around your property, intruders could be hiding on the other side of it, waiting to make an entry onto your property. With see-through, palisade fencing, you are eliminating this possibility as you will be able to see through the fence from your home. This is one of the reasons why palisade fencing is a more effective deterrent.

    • Your fence should make it difficult for intruders to climb over

    The purpose of fencing around your property is to keep intruders out, which is why you should try to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to climb over your fence. Some tips:

    • Your fence should be as high as possible (as permitted by regulations).
    • Most palisade fences are installed with a few horizontal bars to provide strength to the installation – make sure that these horizontal bars are not placed at knee or waist height, as this will make it easy to climb over the fence.
    • Lastly, you can add spikes, spears, or electric wiring to the top of your fence to make it almost impossible to climb over.
    • Make sure the barrier is not easy to bypass

    Besides preventing intruders from climbing over the fence, you want to make sure that they cannot go around or under it either. To ensure this:

    • The palisade fence posts should be secured into the ground. If possible, a concrete footing along the fence is a great idea as it will prevent intruders from digging a hole and entering your property by going underneath your fence.
    • Make sure you choose a tough fencing option that cannot be cut-through easily.
    • When choosing the gate to accompany your fence, make sure that the gate is manufactured from the same tough materials. Your gate should preferably be padlocked.

    Talk to our team about your property’s palisade fencing requirements and we will make sure to provide you with a tough and lasting security solution.