The Clearview Swing Gate

Are you interested in a gate for your space that will help add privacy without hindering aesthetics? The Clearview gates from Magnador are the solution you’ve been searching for. This weather-resistant gate is made up of an outer steel frame that consists of the same high-quality fittings as our other security gate solutions, though this product makes use of steel tube secured polycarbonate strips.

Magnador swing gates incorporate an aesthetically pleasing frame designed to incorporate the necessary strength and durability for ultimate safety and security. As a result, the polycarbonate strips used to create this swing gate are attached with stainless steel domed bolts, washers and rivet nuts for absolute peace of mind.

Our Clearview swing gates are popular for use in residential areas, as these polycarbonate bars blend into their surroundings and allow for a clear view of the outside scenery.

Reasons to use Clearview swing gates

  • Improves natural light in your space
  • UV resistant
  • Creates a modern and spacious aesthetic
  • It is a more natural security addition
  • Lightweight material
  • Maintain unhindered scenic views
  • Enjoy low maintenance
  • Impact-proof material
  • Highly durable



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    Why choose Clearview swing gates from Magnador?

    Traditional fencing may not always be ideal for your property and unique needs. This is where the application of clear view fencing can pose several benefits to property owners, such as:

    Improved security

    The transparent nature of the polycarbonate bars used for these swing gates makes it an attractive choice for aesthetics and security alike. As security is the first goal in any gate, this Clearview gate harnesses high durability to discourage intruders from your property.


    The polycarbonate material used to create the bars of our Clearview swing gates makes it a more affordable choice compared to other solutions, such as stainless steel gates.

    Highly durable

    Clearview swing gates offer low maintenance and add durability, making them ideal for the long-term protection of your property. Magnador also provides a five-year free repair guarantee on all our products.

    Added aesthetics

    Clearview fencing is considerably more visually appealing than other swing gate solutions because it allows an unobstructed view into the outside.

    The uniqueness of Magnaview Security Bars

    • Manufactured from lightweight polycarbonate panels
    • Durable stainless steel frame
    • Expert installation for a clean finish

    Magnador is proud to be appointed official dealers for View Protect, the security industry’s first armed clear bar solution. Magnaview Bars can be integrated with this 24/7 armed system for a secure burglar proofing option for your space, that does not compromise on aesthetics.

    Frequently asked questions
    What are Magnaview Security Bars?

    Magnaview Security Bars are an innovative, clear view solution that will add security and aesthetics to any property. Manufactured with high-grade polycarbonate, this see-through plastic is admired for its high impact resistance – making it suitable for protection against intruders. This material is UV resistant, weather-resistant and is not vulnerable to corrosion or rust.

    Are these bars safe?

    Despite their growing popularity in South African safety bar solutions, polycarbonate bars are not a new concept. The high durability of Magnaview bars is ideal for providing added protection to your space and is typically used in estates and apartments to maintain a view of outside scenery. 

    How do I maintain these bars?

    Maintaining the clean and modern feeling provided with Clearview swing gates is hassle-free. These polycarbonate bars can be easily cleaned with a microfibre cloth and a mixture of water and non-abrasive household detergent, similar to cleaning indoor tiles. Although the bars used for these gates are scratch-resistant, abrasive cleaning materials and detergents should still be avoided to maintain their long-term finish.

    Magnaview Security Bars – the Clear Solution!

    The key advantage of our polycarbonate Clearview gates lie in the expertise applied to its engineering and installation methodology – that’s the added clear security solution we provide. If you are interested in adding these gates to your residential, commercial or industrial space, please reach out to our team.