Custom Security Gates

Our custom security gates are manufactured according to the client’s exact design requirements to fit their specific opening perfectly. As an effective way to add an extra layer of security to your space, custom security gates may be the solution to do so to meet your unique design aspirations. Magnador can assist with high-quality solutions that fit all your specifications, from sizing to aesthetics.

Why choose Magnador?

We offer additional strength to our security barriers with our patented stainless steel locks. These locks are fit onto all our retractable security gates and doors to add security and extend the longevity of these barriers.

As the only security company to use tempered cross bracing for our security doors, we are the only company that can offer our clients braces that are double the strength of ordinary steel solutions. To further the durability of our custom security gates, we use Dutch bends throughout our manufacturing process to allow greater strength, improve paint adhesion and provide corrosion resistance. These features add a superior appearance and feel to our products.

Our team is dedicated to providing durable solutions at an affordable price to improve the safety and security of all areas. We also strive to deliver our services promptly, from quotation to installation, to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.



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    What do our custom security gates offer you?

    Custom security gates can offer your property more than an aesthetically fitting solution. Adding a security gate to your space offers you multiple benefits, such as:

    Security gates act as a physical deterrent

    Using security gates on the entry points of your residential or commercial space makes it harder for criminals to enter. This not only adds to the physical protection of you and your loved ones but provides security to your physical items should there be an attempted robbery. They also act as an initial deterrent to criminals as they tend to avoid secured properties, being harder to access.


    If you are interested in adding security to your residential or commercial space in a cost-effective manner, security gates are fantastic solutions. Security measures from armed response companies are effective but can become costly as monthly fees are required. For a more affordable solution for improving long-term property safety, Magnador can assist with custom security gates.

    High return on investment

    No matter the use of the property you wish to secure, using a quality security gate will add a layer of safety to the valuable inventory you want to protect. This layer of security is more affordable than armed response solutions, will last for years to come and deter housebreakers.

    Improves aesthetics

    Besides the obvious safety benefits that custom security gates provide, using these solutions can also considerably improve the exterior aesthetics of your property. With customised options, our team can assist with selecting a suitable security gate that will meet your needs and property aesthetics.  

    Benefits of choosing a custom solution

    • Our security gates are available in a variety of polyester powder coating colours.
    • We ensure durable steel security gates, free from plastic.
    • Your gate is fit to the exact specifications of your entryway.
    • Property owners can have the peace of mind that their property is secure.
    • Adding security gates increases the value of your property.
    • We provide a five-year free repair guarantee.
    Security gates for all spaces

    No matter where your property is located or what it is utilised for, we can assist with high-quality security gate solutions. From larger commercial spaces to small residential homes, the Magnador team applies their stellar work ethic to provide the best security gate solutions and accompanying service.

    Our custom products are hot-dip galvanised for better protection from corrosion and are put through a chemical wash to ensure clean surfaces. The polyester powder coating also provides the security gate with scratch-resistant qualities.

    With superior impact strength, durability, flexibility, adhesion and protection against weather and corrosion, our custom security gates are unmatched! From design to installation, we ensure that all our client’s unique requirements are met. Our security gates are manufactured according to the customers’ requirements, from the framework and steel inserts to the locking mechanism.

    With three branches located in major cities across Southern Africa, we can assist with solutions across the country. Feel free to contact our team for an obligation free quote.