Swing Gates to protect your home and office

Magnador’s swing gates are custom manufactured with a set of eight standard designs to choose from, or purpose-built to customer specifications. The product is hot-dip galvanized for protection from corrosion, put through a 5-stage chemical wash to ensure clean surfaces that endure, and then coated in a Polyester powder coating – available in a range of colours – and resistant to the fading effects of the sun, fading and scratching. A number of unique features are employed to make the swing gate as secure and tamper-resistant as possible. In addition, a 5-year warranty is included on the gate that covers workmanship and materials.

When choosing security gates for your property, be it your home, office, or any other property, it may seem difficult to choose a tough solution without hampering your property’s aesthetics. With Magnador’s range of security products, including our swing gates, you do not have to compromise on style. Our gates are available in assorted styles and colours to meet your aesthetic requirements whilst at the same time providing you with ultra-tough security solutions to protect yourself, your family and your assets.

A number of innovative features distinguish our swing gates:

  • Stopper bars welded on to each of our swing gates buttresses it against leveraging
  • Bullet hinges are used in conjunction with security snap-off bolts to maximise the strength of the fixings to the wall/reveal
  • A uniquely designed, inter-fitting cover plate and wall-mounted locking box form a sealed unit once the gate is shut closed, and is highly resistant to leveraging and tampering

In addition, we have a range of locks to suit the customer’s access control requirements.



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    technical specs

    Technical Specifications of the Swing Gate

    To give you a better idea of what to expect when choosing to install Magnador Swing Gates at your property, here is a list of technical specifications:

    • Steel Outer Frame: 32mm x 32mm; 25mm x 75mm Horizontal Centre Bar which houses the lock
    • (Design Specific): 16mm x 16mm square tube uprights, or 10mm x 10mm solid square bars
    • (100 x 20 mm) Bullet hinges, stopper bar, cover plate and locking box provide for greater protection against tampering
    • Exterior Polyester powder-coating that is fade-resistant
    • Hot dip galvanised for greater protection from corrosion and a longer life expectancy
    • A choice of locks – a latch lock, a roller-bearing lock or a remote-controlled electronic gate lock

    To find out more about our swing gates, or to discuss your specific security requirements with our team so that we can advise you on the best solution for your property, please contact our team directly via phone or email.