Seeking retractable security gates? Look no further than the Magnador Standard

The Magnador Standard gate promises an outstanding standard of excellence within our range of retractable security gates and doors. This product offers higher levels of protection than standard  security gates. These gates are most suitable for customers that find themselves in high-risk areas, offering a first line of defence to protect their home, person, office or factory.

Our Magnador Standard security gate is suitable for high risk areas, where a neat but secure barrier is required.  When in the open position, the double upright range of this security gate has the least amount of stack.  This gate is manufactured with two four sided uprights with a top and bottom track and fitted with a stainless steel slam lock featuring an auto dead-lock function.

The Magnador Standard draws its strength in part from an all-steel construction, its double row of 12.7mm x 12.7mm uprights, as well as the extra Nylon bushes which are fitted between the uprights for added rigidity and strength.

Each door comes standard with our patented stainless steel slam lock (a trigger slam lock with automatic dead-lock function) for extra strength and a greater life expectancy.

The double row of uprights lends itself to a neater, less cluttered appearance, as the cross-brace fixings are concealed from view between the uprights. The door is fixed to the reveal in such a way that the fixing points are concealed. The aesthetics of the door are further enhanced by the fact that the door face has no pop rivets or nylon components exposed making for a smoother, more aesthetically attractive finish.

Steel axles with steel roller bearings are used in the top track to ensure a smooth sliding motion, a longer lifespan and greater strength.

A metal zinc-cast, dove-tailed guide is used in the bottom track to support the double uprights. This allows for a telescopic guiding action when opening and closing the door, eliminating the need for spaces between the doors with added compatibility for unevenness of flooring.



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    Technical Specifications of the Magnador Standard

    • An all-steel construction for superior strength
    • Steel now 30% thicker
    • Row of double steel uprights; 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm x gauge
    • Fully galvanised Z275 galv. coating (32 microns thick) for rust protection and a longer life expectancy
    • 3 rows of cross-braces – temper-roll-hardened for extra strength and zinc-electroplate-galvanised
    • Four-sided steel frame allows for a more precise reveal fitting without any spaces that makes leveraging more difficult
    • Pre-lubricated sealed steel roller bearings and axles are used (no plastic or Nylon) with double-sided bearings fitted
    • A low-profile half-moon shape bottom track, top track and lock cover are manufactured with 180-degree folds (Dutch Bends) to ensure greater strength, improved paint adhesion on the edges for higher resistance to corrosion (especially in coastal areas) and affording an attractive appearance with softer, rounded edges
    • Exterior Polyester powder coating (no less than 80 microns thick), in a choice of colours, further enhances the appearance of the gate and is fade-resistant
    • Fixing points are well concealed to reduce easy access
    • The locking cylinder has a 45-degree cam making it far more difficult to dislodge the cylinder when struck by heavy hammers or other objects

    To find out more about this security gates, or any of our other retractable security gates and doors, please feel free to contact our team via phone or email. Or simply request a quote by filling in our online form.