Clear Bars | Add security to your property without hampering your view

Magnaview Clear Bars – this is our modern security alternative for the home or office where one’s view of the outside world requires as much consideration as that of the safety of the people and contents on the inside. Magnaview burglar bars are made of a transparent polycarbonate construct which offers a security barrier– stronger than it would appear – while simultaneously affording unobstructed views through one’s windows.

Magnaview Bars are manufactured from a transparent polycarbonate construct and are stronger than one may think! Polycarbonate is also used to manufacture shields for riot police and bullet-resistant “glass” in banks and government vehicles, which proves its strength. These bars are recommended for use in medium risk areas and should ideally be combined with other security measures such as the tough security gates and doors also available at Magnador.

For clients who live in areas that are often targeted by monkey or baboon infestations, Magnaview Security Bars are the ideal solution. These tough bars are sure to keep them out of your home! We also recommend this for those living in coastal areas as polycarbonate bars are completely corrosion-resistant and will not rust.

We also offer Clear View Swing Gates as part of our Magnaview collection. These gates offer a security alternative that does not compromise on aesthetics.



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    What differentiates Magnaview Clear Bars?

    • Our polycarbonate bars are among the thickest (5mm) and broadest (50mm) used in the security industry and therefore offer enhanced resilience.
    • We make use of polycarbonate with the highest UHI (Ultra High Impact) rating of 100.
    • Our bars offer an outer layer of ultraviolet/UV protection on both sides, thereby combatting the yellowing effects of direct sunlight.
    • Magnaview Bars are secured to fully galvanised steel tubes using stainless-steel button-head screws that are fastened to zinc-plated rivnuts. These steel tubes, framing the bars, are then securely bolted to the window reveal with coach screws and UL8 Rawl plugs. Our installations are in contrast to conventional industry practices. Most companies simply fix the polycarbonate bars onto the aluminium or wooden window frames, but we deem our installation methods more secure.
    • For further protection, a stainless-steel washer, 1.6mm gauge, is placed at each of these fixings, between the domed head of the screw and the bar itself, to strengthen the fixing joint.
    • Galvanised steel parts ensure the long-term integrity of the fastened bars, so the fixings will not simply pull out when under attack.
    • The steel tubes are Polyester powder coated and clients can choose from an array of colours to match their property’s interior.
    • Our bars are placed approximately 100 mm apart to limit the space in which a hand saw, or bolt-cutter can be used to tamper with the burglar proofing.
    • Magnaview Bars and Gates are covered under out 5-year break-in repair guarantee.

    Clear Bars can also be armed for added protection

    Armed Clear Bars is a world-first in the security industry and we at Magnador are proud to be appointed View Protect dealers, distributing and installing our own Magnaview Bars integrated with the added security of a 24/7-armed system. By arming your Clear Bars, you are investing in a secure burglar proofing option, while still taking your property’s aesthetics into consideration.

    When choosing Armed Clear Bars for your property, the bars are fitted with sensors in every strip to detect intrusion. The alarm system can be integrated with an existing alarm system. The sensor system has been designed to only pick up on forced tampering or deliberate breaking or cutting of the clear strips – therefore, you will still be able to wipe the bars or open a window while the alarm is on. It also allows for small animals, like cats, to enter or exit through windows without sound the alarm. Upon direct impact, however, the sensors will sound the alarm to scare away intruders and to give individuals who find themselves inside the property enough time to call for help.

    If you are considering installing Clear Burglar Bars or Gates, or Armed Clear Bars or Gates, at your home or workplace, it is important that you contact reputable distributors and installers, such as Magnador, to ensure a secure and efficient product installation.  Contact us via phone or email to discuss your requirements or request a quote online.