Shutterstyle Gates

Our Shutterstyle gates are available in a range of stunning designs and offer an aesthetically pleasing and competitively priced security solution.   With Magnador custom manufacturing and superior quality standards as the very definition of our security products, we provide clients with gates that suit the exact specifications of their entryways.

Designed with sleek aesthetics in mind, our Shutterstyle gates can easily be incorporated into various architectural designs. Our louvre security gates, for example, provides added security and enhanced privacy without compromising natural light. Its advanced design also advances the modern aspects of any property.

Why choose Shutterstyle gates?

Our Shutterstyle gates are custom manufactured to fit your specific requirements. It is hot-dip galvanised for enhanced protection from corrosion and is put through a chemical wash to ensure clean surfaces. These gates are then further coated in a Polyester powder coating, available in a range of colours, allowing it to resist the sun’s fading effects and provide it with scratch resistance.

The security bars that span across Shutterstyle gates are robust yet elegant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, these gates are ideal for providing added protection to any space and are fully weather-resistant to the South African climate. Choosing customised Shutterstyle gates from Magnador allows for more control over your space’s light, noise, and temperature.

These gates are a robust and stylish steel option. The horizontal bars are made up of 40mm x 5mm flat bars welded at 45-degree angles onto 38mmx38mm gate frames, though this can be customised to suit the measurements of your entryway. Our gates are fitted with a strong Cisa lock, latch locking system and a drop tongue to provide extra strength. An optional full-length cover trim is also available. For added peace of mind, we also offer a five-year free repair guarantee.



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    How to maintain Shutterstyle gates

    With expert manufacturing and careful design choices, we can ensure a hassle-free maintenance experience for property owners who choose to install our Shutterstyle gates. These gates can be easily maintained by cleaning with warm water and a natural, non-abrasive cleaning detergent.

    This should be done regularly to ensure long-lasting aesthetics and to slow natural wear and tear. Maintenance should also include checks to ensure the lubrication of the gate’s brackets and hinges.

    Advantages of adding security gates to your property

    Improved security

    As leading security gate providers, our first goal with every installation is to improve the overall security of your property. By adding security gates to your space, you immediately increase security as it makes your premises harder to enter and can deter criminals from trying altogether.

    Increase property value

    Adding any unique features to your property will increase the overall value, which is no different with security gates. This extra layer of security can increase your properties’ value and make it more attracters to potential buyers should you ever wish to sell.

    Improved aesthetics

    Utilising a security gate at an entry point of your property may add security, however, this can also enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. We can assist you with adding a modern touch to your space with customised Shutterstyle gates.

    High-quality, durable security gates from Magnador

    Security gates are a vital feature to secure every residential, commercial and industrial space. As a barrier to entry, these gates can delay and deter criminals, protecting the individuals and assets on your property. If you are interested in high-quality Shutterstyle gates for your space, installed by industry experts, feel free to reach out to the team at Magnador.