Transparent Burglar Bars & Gates by Magnaview


Magnaview Clear Burglar Bars – this is our modern security alternative for the home or office where one’s view of the outside world requires as much consideration as that of the safety of the people and contents on the inside. Magnaview clear burglar bars are made of a transparent polycarbonate construct which offers a security barrier – stronger than it would appear – while simultaneously affording unobstructed views through one’s windows.

Permutations of polycarbonate have been employed in the protection of bank tellers (the bullet-resistant screen); riot police (in the form of their shields); presidential limousines (the bullet-resistant “glass”) and even the cockpit canopy of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor owes its construction to a single piece of high-grade polycarbonate. It’s only natural, therefore, that polycarbonate would be applied to your personal security needs in the home or business.

Magnaview clear bars are appropriate for use in medium risk security areas or as a complementary adjunct to some or other more-stringent security measure, and as such, would be ideally suited to the windows of: homes in lifestyle and security estates, golf estates and gated communities; office buildings and offices in secured office parks; guest houses and other holiday accommodation; home and business windows above street level, or those windows limited in exposure to direct entry (such as windows overlooking a courtyard).

Magnaview clear bars are the perfect solution for homes situated in monkey and baboon problem areas, and especially worth considering for those living in coastal areas where the corrosive effects of the climate are mitigated by the use of polycarbonate bars (which do not rust) over traditional rust-prone steel ones.

While the marketing of our transparent burglar bars may not be solely unique to us, we are confident that the integrity of its build and our specialised installation will ultimately set us above and beyond our competitors – who may offer lower prices, coupled with poorer methods of installation or lower quality polycarbonate strips.



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    The Magnaview Difference

    • The polycarbonate strip we use is among the thickest (5mm) and broadest (50mm) in the industry and offers the added resilience corresponding to those robust dimensions.
    • We have insisted on using polycarbonate with the highest UHI (Ultra High Impact) rating of 100. It also provides an outer layer of ultraviolet/UV protection on both sides, thereby resisting the yellowing effects of sunlight.
    • We ensure that the fitting of our clear Magnaview bars is secured to fully galvanised steel tubes using stainless-steel button-head screws fastened to zinc-plated rivnuts. It is these steel tubes, framing the bars, which are in turn securely bolted (using coach screws and UL8 Rawl plugs) to the window reveal. This extra security measure stands in contrast to the conventional industry practice of simply fixing the polycarbonate bars directly to the aluminium or wooden window frames.
    • A stainless-steel washer, 1.6mm gauge, is placed at each of these fixings, between the domed head of the screw and the bar itself, to reinforce the fixing joint when under attack.
    • Galvanised steel parts provide the strength and protection from rusting to ensure the long-term integrity of the fastened bars, so that under assault, the fixings do not just simply pull out (the whole being only as strong as its weakest part).
    • The steel tubes are Polyester powder coated in one of a choice of colours for an attractive, fade-resistant finish.
    • The space between the bars is limited to approximately 100 mm (or 150 mm from fixing to fixing). The advantage of this layout is that it limits the space in which a handsaw or bolt-cutters can be placed, thus reducing the likelihood of tampering.
    • We have extended our 5-year break-in repair guarantee to the Magnaview security bars.