Mini Spanish Bars – Horizontal & Vertical Style

Mini-Spanish burglar bars are welded products that follow the same concept as the exterior Spanish Bars but are not curved at the ends of the bar and are fitted only to the inside of the window reveal. Foot pieces and bolts are used to secure the mini-Spanish burglar bars to the wall. This option offers a horizontal or a vertical style layout.  These burglar bars are extremely strong and solid offered in one of two distinct styles:

Horizontal Mini-Spanish burglar bars consist of horizontal, 10mm x 10mm, solid-steel burglar bars fitted alongside each other in a horizontal-style layout and intersected by vertical 12mm x 12mm solid-steel crossbars that are welded at key points (depending on the requirements of the window).

Vertical Mini-Spanish burglar bars are made up of rows of vertical, solid-steel burglar bars (10mm x 10mm) that are intersected at key points by 12mm x 12mm horizontal crossbars.

The spacing between the mini-Spanish bars, whether in a horizontal or a vertical layout, is approximately 110mm depending on the size of the opening. The crossbars are selectively placed to best suit the layout of the window frame.

Mini-Spanish bar burglar bars are fitted to the reveal using foot pieces. Secured verticals-on-horizontals (or horizontals-on-verticals) then slide into the foot pieces which are fixed to the walls with either coach screws or UL8 Rawl plugs (alternatively, Snap-off bolts when requested). No less than three sides are required to fit the mini-Spanish bars securely.

Mini-Spanish bar burglar bars are hot-dip galvanised for superior protection from the onset of rust, giving it a longer lifespan. Before being Polyester powder coated for enhanced fade-resistance, our Spanish Burglar Bars undergo a 5-stage chemical wash to ensure that the steel surfaces are clean, so that in years to come the coating doesn’t peel or flake. A selection of colours is available to choose from.



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    Horizontal Mini-Spanish

    Technical Specifications of the Mini Spanish Bars

    • Solid square steel bars, 10mm x 10mm or 12mm x 12 mm in a horizontal or vertical layout with solid steel crossbars for support.
    • Hot dip galvanised (coated to a thickness of approximately 80 microns) for superior protection against rusting.
    • Polyester powder coating, available in a variety of select colours, is applied to the bars for improved resistance to fading.
    • UL8 Rawl plugs and coach screws (no less than 60mm x 6mm) secure the bars to the wall with foot pieces. Snap off bolts are available on request.