Rotating wall spikes to keep intruders off your property

At Magnador, providing security solutions to protect our clients and their properties is our main concern. By keeping up to date with the latest advancements in the security industry, and continuously striving to come up with innovative idea, we continue to provide security products of a superior standard.

The Magnador Razor Roll is one of our security innovations and offers a revolutionary solution to keep intruders from entering your property. The Razor Roll consists of a 4-sided razor comb that can be fitted onto Vibracrete walls, existing perimeter walls and fences. The wall spikes on all 4 sides have been designed to rotate when grasped or climbed onto, making it nearly impossible for an individual or animal to lift themselves over your property walls or fences. This ingenious security solution aims to restrict easy access over walls and can be used in the residential and commercial sectors.

This innovative security product is custom-made, to order, in-house at Magnador. The Razor Roll is manufactured in section lengths of 2 metres, but the 2 metre sections can be connected to one another to cover any length of wall or fence. Our installation team will ensure an efficient and lasting installation. Available in 11 different colours, clients can choose a Razor Roll that will blend in with the exterior design of their property.

The Razor Roll is manufactured to the same superior standards as all other Magnador security solutions. This product is hot dip galvanised and coated with pure polyester powder to make it rust-resistant and to ensure a reasonable lifespan. The Razor Roll is excluded from the Magnador repair plan but is issued with a one-year warranty upon installation.

Specific details about Magnador’s Razor Roll:

The Magnador Razor Roll is ideal for applying on walls or fences to keep all kinds of intruders from entering your property. Here are more specific details about this one-of-a-kind security solution:

  • The Razor Roll consists of wall spikes that have been designed to rotate when climbed on or grasped. This movement will make it nearly impossible for intruders to climb over your property’s perimeter walls.
  • Due to the wall spikes and the rotating movement, the Razor Roll is an excellent deterrent to avoid easy access over walls.
  • The product is hot dip galvanised and coated with exterior pure polyester powder and is therefore corrosion-resistant for a long-lasting security solution.
  • The outer dimension between the razor edgings are 90mm.
  • The Razor Roll is manufactured in lengths of 2 metres, but we can join sections to meet the installation requirements of our clients.
  • The product is available in 11 colours for clients to choose from.



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    Why wall spikes are a recommended security feature:

    When it comes to protecting your property and your family, it is important that you take all the necessary measures to provide as much protection as possible. Security solutions such as burglar bars, security gates, perimeter fencing, etc., all serve as barriers to defend your property against intrusion from outside. To add even more security, many property owners are installing wall spikes onto their perimeter walls and fences – and the Magnador Razor Roll has been created in answer to this increasing security need.

    The Razor Roll is simple to install and, being made from the best quality materials, will keep intruders from climbing over your perimeter walls or fence long-term. Wall spikes are an effective deterrent to both human and animal intruders – they make it extremely difficult and even impossible to climb over perimeter fencing. The fact that the Razor Roll rotates when grabbed onto, makes it a more stringent security solution than traditional spikes.

    Wall spikes provide security for residential, commercial, industrial and corporate requirements.