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The Trellis Swing Gate makes use of a patented “mouse-hole” that allows the gate to be disengaged from its top track and freely swung to the side, where it can rest against the reveal/wall – thus maximizing the amount of open space available in the reveal – always useful when moving bulky items, such as furniture.  This innovative design, together with a patented stainless steel slam lock and a full-length lock bar, ensures a good level of protection.

When the gate is re-engaged in the top track and extended, it forms a strong barrier that is useful in situations where access control is necessary – be it at home, the workplace or outdoors.

Magnador’s Trellis Swing Gate makes use of a customized handle for a seamless opening and closing motion. It is also worth noting that customized, revolving wheels can be fitted for instances where a top track isn’t a practical solution (such as when trying to span a threshold outside).

As with all our Trellis Gates, the Trellis Swing Gate comes with one of our patented Magnador, stainless steel, slam-dead hook locks for the safety of our clients.



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    Trellis Gates

    Trellis Swing Gate

    Technical Specifications of the Trellis Swing Gate

    • 17 mm x 17 mm square steel tubular bars, 1.2 mm gauge, descend diagonally at 30-degree angles (when fully extended)
    • 7 mm x 12.7 mm square steel tubular bars, 0.9 mm gauge steel, ascend diagonally at 30-degree angles (when fully extended)
    • Patented “mouse-hole” in the top track
    • Fully galvanized Z275 galv. coating (32 microns thick) for rust protection and a longer life expectancy
    • Locking channel has 180-degree Dutch bend folds which ensure greater strength, improved paint adhesion and – because they are made without any sharp edges – make for a safer, more user-friendly experience
    • Exterior Polyester powder coating, in a choice of colours to suit your needs, makes for an attractive, fade-resistant product

    Benefits of installing retractable Trellis Barriers:

    Retractable security gates have become some of the most popular security products chosen by home and business owners. If you decide to install a Magnador Trellis Swing gate at your property, you can expect the following benefits:

    • A practical security solution – Not only is this Trellis Gate a tough security solution, but also a practical one. The gate can be swung to one side, thus maximizing the amount of open space in the reveal.
    • Access control – Magnador’s Trellis Swing Gate ensures security and practicality. With this tough security gate, you can prevent unauthorised persons from entering your property, thereby having more effective control over access into your home, office, etc.
    • Slam lock – Each of Magandor’s security gates is fitted with a patented stainless-steel lock, which also operates as a Slam Lock, thereby locking upon being slammed shut. Locking in a single slam action ensures more security for our clients.
    • Increased property value – With quality security measures, such as our tough security gates, in place, the value of your property will increase. A property already fitted with practical security measures is also more attractive for future buyers.

    For additional specifications and information about the Magnador Trellis Swing Gate, or any of our other Trellis Gates, you are welcome to reach out to us directly.