Spanish Bars | Burglar bars that offer a robust security solution

Spanish burglar bars are fitted to the exterior of the home and create a cage-like effect over the window, allowing you to open your window to the outside. This burglar bar consists of rows of vertical solid-steel bars, intersected at points by horizontal bars.

The Spanish bars offer a robust security barrier over windows and openings, while bends in the bars at the top and bottom project the barrier outwards, thus allowing the windows to be opened from the inside.

The nature of outdoor exposure to the elements is such, that only the best materials and craftsmanship will be sufficient to guarantee a product that is resistant to rusting and that is long-lasting.  As a result, our burglar bars are hot-dip galvanised (coated to a thickness of approximately 80 microns) to protect against the onset of rusting, especially important in coastal areas, they are then put through a 5-stage chemical wash to ensure the steel surfaces are clean and smooth.

This is vital for the next stage when the Polyester powder coating – applied to a thickness of no less than 80 microns – thereby ensuring an enduring, even coating that doesn’t flake or peel unnecessarily over time and that is resistant to the fading effects of the sun.

Our Spanish burglar bars come with our 5-year guarantee, covering all materials and workmanship.

Technical Specifications of the Spanish Bars

  • Solid steel, square tube bars. Dimensions: 10mm x 10mm horizontals; 12mm x 12mm verticals.
  • Hot dip galvanised (coated to a thickness of approximately 80 microns) for superior rust protection.
  • Exterior Polyester powder coating (no less than 80 microns thick) for enhanced protection from fading.
  • Snap off bolts secure the Spanish Bar to the wall.



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    Why rely on professionals for your burglar bar installations?

    For the best results, we at Magnador install our own security products. We have a specific application method to ensure that protection of our clients and their properties. Some property owners may feel that they prefer to install their security gates or burglar proofing themselves, but with our team’s knowledge and experience in conducting such installations, a tough and lasting installation is a guarantee.

    Magnador’s range of security products can be fitted in all door or window openings, patios, shop fronts, counters, bar serving areas, canteens, offices or arch openings. Our products are fitted inside the reveal, or if there is no reveal, we make use of a steal beam, to ensure a professional-looking and secure fit, nonetheless. We securely fit our products with UL 8 plugs and galvanised coach bolts, and we try to make the fixing points as invisible and inaccessible as possible to minimise tampering. By relying on professionals, such as ourselves, for the installation of your security products, you can have complete peace of mind about its durability and strength.

    As we are so sure of our products and installations, Magnador warrantees its workmanship and materials for 5 years. For more on the terms and conditions regarding our Product Warranties, please see our Warranty page.

    Interested in installing our Spanish bars as a security measure at your property, or any of our other tough security measures? Contact us via phone or email or request a quote online.