Polycarbonate burglar bars and gates by Magnaview

The latest, proudly South African product development in the clear burglar bar industry, one that is also a world-first, is armed clear bars. Armed because the polycarbonate burglar bars are connected to your alarm system. Magnador is a proud and appointed View Protect dealer, offering the distribution and installation of Magnaview Clear Bars, with the added protection of a 24/7-armed system integrated into the burglar proofing. Clear bars are now a more secure burglar proofing option than ever before, while still being one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices.

What differentiates armed clear bars, is that it makes it even more difficult for intruders to break through. Magnaview armed bars are fitted with integrated sensors, in every clear strip, for a high-quality, efficient intruder detection system. The armed bars are designed to only pick up on forced tampering, or an attempted breaking or cutting of the clear strips, which means that clients will still be able to clean the bars or open a window. It even allows for animals to pass through, without sounding the alarm. When harsh impact is detected, an alarm will activate, often scaring away any potential intruders, or allowing time for help to be called.

The armed, polycarbonate burglar bars are always activated and remains armed, even when your alarm system is deactivated.

This highly advanced security product is available to both commercial and residential clients, with the added feature of connectivity to your existing alarm system, thereby coordinating the signals with a client’s existing security company or armed response team.



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    More Reasons why armed clear bars are a must

    Armed clear bars are the perfect security solution for any household, or commercial property, and will allow clients complete peace of mind without spoiling your view.

    In short, here are some of the top reasons to invest in armed clear bars:

    • Being transparent, these bars will not hamper your property’s aesthetics
    • Armed clear bars provide 24/7 perimeter protection, alerting owners of any kind of intrusion. The armed bars are never deactivated and are therefore, live at all times
    • The clear bars can be fitted to any size window opening
    • This security option is easy to maintain and clean. The sensor wires are corrosion protected and rust-proof
    • With UV-protection, clear bars are known for their durability and will not turn yellow due to sun damage over time

     It is important to only contact reputable distributors and installers, such as Magnador, for the installation of armed clear burglar bars. Feel free to request a quote online or contact us for additional information.