Slam Lock Gates | Manufactured to meet high safety demands

Unfortunately, crime statistics in South Africa are continuously on the rise and property owners need to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves, their families and their belongings. Magnador is an industry leader in a vast range of security barriers, including slam lock gates, and with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, clients can have complete confidence in the strength and durability of our products.

Magnador is the only security barrier manufacturer in South Africa to manufacture and patent stainless steel locks for our security gates and doors. These locks dead locks when slammed shut, which means that the gate can be closed and locked in a single action. Doing so, our products offer additional strength and extended product life, which ensures that our clients receive high-quality safety products as well as value for money. We are also the only security gate manufacturer to use tempered rolled hardened cross bracing in our folding security products. Thanks to this innovation, our braces offer double the strength than that of ordinary steel.

Another factor distinguishing our products is that all Magnador folding security doors tracks and channels have Dutch bends, ensuring greater strength, improved paint adhesion and more resistance to corrosion. In coastal areas, where rust is a greater possibility, our products are coated with an extra zinc primer and a textured powder coating to further prevent the onset of rust. Besides corrosion resistance, these powders ensure good impact strength, enhanced durability, flexibility, adhesion, and weather resistance. With these added features, our clients can expect superior product appearance and feel when it comes to any of our security doors and gates.

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    Our range of slam lock gates & doors include:

    Magnador has designed a range of slam lock gates and doors suitable for application in commercial, industrial and residential environments. Each of our products cater to a specific security need, but clients can rest assured that all products are Engineered to Last.

    Our security gates and doors include:

    • Magnador Champion

    The Magnador Champion was designed to meet the security demands of clients living or working in high risk areas. This top-of-the-range security barrier is popular in commercial and industrial areas, and is often applied in banks, shops, restaurants, medical facilities, military offices and cash offices.

    • Magnador Standard

    The Magnador Standard offers protection to clients who find themselves living or working in high-risk areas. It is often applied as a security measure at homes, offices and factories. Each door is installed with our patented stainless steel slam lock.

    • Swing Gates

    Our range of swing gates include eight standard designs which clients can choose from, but we also offer to manufacture custom designs. All gates are hot dip galvanised and manufactured to the highest quality of standards.

    • Trellis Swing Gates

    The range of trellis swing gates we offer are ideal for clients who want to install security barriers without compromising on available moving space. These gates can be disengaged and swung completely to the side.

    • Alphador

    The Alphador offers superior strength and value for money. These security gates come standard with a four-sided steel frame which is not readily accessible. It is a popular choice for commercial and domestic security purposes.

    • Valuedor

    The Valuedor is best suited for internal security applications such as securing bedrooms or other internal areas. This value-for-money security solution is issued with a 5-year guarantee on all materials and workmanship upon installation.

    To find out more about any of our security doors and slam lock gates, or any of our other tough security solutions, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Magnador team.