Double Upright Magnagrille | Window burglar bars that offer tough security

Our double upright, Magnagrille window burglar bars are fitted with a four-sided frame for extra security and a neater finish. This option offers superior security that complements the Magnador range of retractable doors, i.e. a row of double-uprights built into a secure frame.

The Magnagrille Double Uprights, which is custom-made to fit any window, consists of a non-retractable row of double uprights that is securely fixed to a frame. These burglar bars, like our retractable Magnador gates, offer superior strength and protection that complements the expandable Magnador.  These burglar bars should be considered in cases where security is an ultra high-risk concern and requires the maximum level of protection.

Our burglar bars are fitted to a U-channel frame with 180-degree Dutch bend folds that provide extra strength and rigidity, improved protection from corrosion and better paint adhesion. The steel structures are pre-galvanised for enhanced protection against rust and, after a 5-stage chemical wash process, are then coated in an exterior Polyester powder coating that provides an attractive finish and is fade-resistant.

These burglar bars are also available in assorted colours, allowing you to choose a suitable option for your property. We have carefully chosen to use a textured Polyester powder to coat our range of security products as these ensure impact resistance, strength, durability and flexibility. These coating powders are also weather and corrosion resistant and are ideal for installations in coastal areas. For more on our colour range, you are welcome to contact us to speak to a Magnador consultant.

By choosing double uprights, one is also afforded a neater and smoother interior finish, as the cross-bracing fixtures and rivets that are normally visible on a single upright, are concealed through the addition of a second (double) upright.



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    Technical Specifications of the Double Upright Magnagrille

    Our Double Upright Magnagrille burglar bars are custom manufactured to meet your exact requirements and can therefore be fitted into any window opening. Although custom manufactured, you can expect the following specifications when choosing this burglar-proofing solution:


    • Row of double uprights 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm x 0.9 mm gauge steel.
    • Fully galvanized Z275 galv. coating (32 microns thick) for rust protection and a longer life expectancy.
    • Cross-braces are temper-roll-hardened and zinc-electroplate-galvanised.
    • Exterior Polyester powder coating for enhanced fade-resistance.
    • Encased in a steel U-channel frame (1.2mm gauge steel with 180-degree folds) and bolted to the reveal.
    • UL8 Rawl plugs and coach screws (approximately 60 mm long) are used to secure the frame to the wall.
    • Wall mountings and other fixing points are well-concealed to reduce tampering.

    To find out more about the Double Upright Magnagrille, or any of our other window burglar bars, you are welcome to give us a call or send us an email.