Alphagrille | Burglar proofing to protect your property

Our single upright Alphagrille burglar bars are fitted with a four-sided frame for extra security and a neater finish. This option offers superior strength and complements the Alphador range of retractable doors. This single upright is larger than the single upright used in the Magnagrille burglar bar.  The design offers the same style as that of the retractable doors but is instead comprised of fixed burglar bars encased in a steel frame.

The Alphagrille offers the strength and rigidity commensurate with a thicker 16mm x 16mm, 1.2mm gauge steel bar. Alphagrille is ideally suited for high risk industrial areas where higher levels of security are required to protect property against would-be intruders. The use of Alphagrille burglar proofing bars, in conjunction with a similarly robust security gate such as the Alphador, is sure to create a formidable all-round security barrier no weaker than its constituent parts.

All Alphagrille burglar bars, as with our retractable security gates, come with our 5-year guarantee that covers materials and workmanship.

Alphagrille burglar bars are hot dip galvanised for protection from the onset of rust, and Polyester powder coated for superior resistance to the fading effects of the sun.

Technical Specifications of the Single Upright Alphagrille

Although all our security products, including our Single Upright Alphagrille bars, are manufactured to meet your exact requirements, you can expect the following product specifications when investing in this security option:

  • All steel construction for superior strength.
  • Square steel tube uprights 16mm x 16mm x 1.2mm gauge.
  • Cross-braces are temper-roll-hardened and zinc-electroplate-galvanised.
  • Fully galvanized Z275 galv. coating (32 microns thick) for rust protection and a longer lifespan.
  • Exterior Polyester powder coated for resistance to fading.
  • Encased in a steel U-channel frame that is bolted to the reveal.
  • UL8 Rawl plugs and coach screws (approximately 60mm long) are used to secure the frame to the wall.
  • Wall mountings and fixing points are well concealed to reduce easy access.



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    Why you should consider installing burglar bars:

    With crime statistics continuously rising, you should do whatever possible to protect your property. Burglar bars offer a solution to keep intruders from unlawfully entering your property via window openings.

    Advantages offered by burglar bars, and reasons why you should consider installing them if you have not yet, include:

    • Burglar bars could prevent possible break ins as it makes it much more difficult to enter the property
    • By installing tough burglar bars over your windows, you as property owner can enjoy peace of mind about the safety of your family and your belongings
    • Burglar bars could also be seen as a type of “psychological deterrent” as it may discourage thieves from trying to break in
    • If you have small children at home, burglar bars also serve as a safety measure – it could prevent children from falling out of windows. This is especially crucial in double storey homes
    • Many insurance companies require that your property is burglar proofed before you can take out insurance on the contents of your home or office. By applying quality burglar bars, such as the Single Upright Alphagrille bars from Magnador, you can expect to pay better rates for insurance
    • By applying burglar bars, you are also boosting the value of your property. A property that is already secured may seem more attractive to future buyers

    To talk to one of Magnador’s team members about your burglar proofing requirements, be it for your home or office, please contact us directly. Our team will gladly advise you on the best option for your property.
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