10 Gate designs for style and security

As a trusted industry leader in security barriers, we can confidently advise on which burglar bar and gate designs are best suited for the safety and security of your premises, whether it be for your home or business. We understand the want and need for security to protect ourselves, our friends and family, and our employees.

Security Gates | Palisade gates

Having a palisade sliding gate for your home, or commercial property is beneficial for a few reasons. The overall design of palisade fencing, with its vertical poles and spiked tops, makes it a great criminal deterrent as they are increasingly more difficult to climb. The overall look of this gate is also ideal for providing some sort of view to the outside whilst still creating a barrier of safety. These gates are manufactured with heavy-duty steel which makes them a solution that will last for years to come and help stop petty crime.

Security Gates | Hinged steel gates

These steel gates offer a sleek look without compromising on durability. This robust and quality solution is perfect for individuals seeking high security for their premises. They are truly an investment to not only your safety, but your premises, as having a gate of this kind can improve your property’s value. Best of all, these gates can be manual or automatic.

Security Gates | Swing gates

Swing gates are a wonderful solution for entrances on your premises, whether it be for your front door or your driveway! These steel gates are galvanised to better protect from corrosion which in turn lengthens its life span. Amongst other benefits this gate offers, the gates are also powder coated to provide resistance to colour fading. Overall, swing gates are an excellent choice to deter criminals and improve security.

Security Gates | Trellis gates

Trellis gates are a strong and high-quality security solution for all locations, though they are ideal for those looking for high-impact security against crime. These gates also act as a great deterrent to criminals as they are known for being difficult to infiltrate. For ergonomic purposes, this gate is also useful as it allows for proper airflow without compromising on safety. Trellis gates also have slam lock system options which are great for emergencies and convenience.

Security Gates | Swing trellis gates

Much like a normal trellis gate, swing trellis gates offer high security to prevent unwanted intrusion on your premises. These gates are manufactured with high-grade steel which makes them extremely durable. Furthermore, unlike normal trellis gates, swing gates can be disengaged from their track to swing open which allows for better movement capabilities. They also have a patented stainless-steel slam lock which improves the ability to quickly create a safety barrier in dangerous situations.

Burglar Bars | Horizontal bars

Horizontal burglar bars are a modern-looking security alternative that significantly helps improve overall safety. They are ideal for extra protection to your home and/or office windows, as they’re installed in your interior space. These burglar bars also offer an aesthetically pleasing look as fixing points are not visible.

Burglar Bars | Cottage pane bars

Cottage pane bars have a unique style and eye-pleasing finish. As either horizontal or vertical bars, this security solution is simple but effective! These burglar bars also have several other beneficial aesthetic properties, such as the fact that the design avoids eyesores like welding joints and screws. These bars offer aesthetics and trusted security all in one.

Burglar Bars | Spanish bars

Spanish burglar bars can be fitted to the interior or exterior of your windows. Its cage-like security ensures that there is a space and barrier between your window and bars, which helps prevent infiltration of your premises. These robustly built burglar bars are usually made with rust resistance in mind for when they are used on the exterior of your space. They are also UV resistant to avoid colour fading.

Burglar Bars | Clear bars

As the demand for home protection increases, so have security methods. Clear burglar bars are a modern way to increase your safety in medium-risk areas. They are easy to maintain and offer high durability for long-lasting use. This clear alternative is made with polycarbonate construct, which is much stronger than one may think. This option not only allows you full visibility on all sides but also does not yellow with sun exposure.

Burglar Bars | Window grills

For individuals who prefer their burglar bars and gates to match, window grills may come to the rescue. If you have opted for a trellis gate on your front door, sliding door, or passageway then window grills may be the burglar bar choice for you. These bars match the design of trellis gates and have the same impactful security, their only difference being that they are fitted into your window frame’s interior and cannot slide.

Are you convinced that it is time to invest in your safety and security? We can assist in helping you navigate which gate designs or burglar bars will be best for your specific needs. Feel free to get in touch with the team at Magnador to get started. 
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