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Magnador is normally fitted inside the reveal and in normal practice where there is no reveal or support fixing present, a steel beam is used to provide a professional finish with a good secure fixing for the site. All doors, windows, patios, shop fronts, counters, bar serving areas, canteens, offices or arch openings can be fitted with Magnador or its complimentary range of other products.

On average Magnador occupies no more than 20% of the width of the opening and if this is a hindrance, a face on fitting can be made to allow the Magnador to slide beside the wall, leaving the opening free of any stack. The bottom track is of a non-trip design, 99% of the bottom tracks are fitted to the floor surface. If this is not acceptable, the track can usually be fitted into a recess prepared by ourselves, or others to provide a level plane.

Magnador is secured to the site by using UL 8 plugs and galvanised coach bolts. Fixing points are not readily visible or accessible, and renders the removal of these items, or tampering thereof, with extreme difficulty.

Magnador is able to provide a lock mechanism, that operates electrically, for convenient access control.

Magnador warrantees its workmanship and materials for 5 years for products even installed at coastal regions. All items are made from the best quality galvanised materials to ensure maximum strength, and the least possible risk of corrosion.

Magnador offers prompt service to the highest standard possible. In the event of a forced entry Magnador does not have to be replaced at high cost, but can be repaired usually within 24 hours of any work day.

Magnador attempts to attain the highest standards in all areas of its operations and is dedicated to provide its customers the best possible product, service and integrity, using quality control management systems to ISO 9001:2008 standards and is audited and accredited biannually by the South African Bureau of Standards.

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